Let me help you make the right automotive and electronics purchase decisions!

What road will you take?

What road will you take?

My name is James Hamel and not only do I road test new cars for a living but I also test audio and electronic equipment of all kinds. With nearly 8 years of experience and contacts all across the auto and high tech industry, if you have questions then I have answers. And if you aren’t satisfied with my service you don’t owe me a dime. Otherwise I charge $49 for over the phone advice sessions upon which there is no time limit and you can always call me back with more questions. For $99 I will help you find exactly what you are looking for, do all the research and find you the best price. This is what I love to do, help people so they never feel taken advantage of or that they bought the wrong item. I would do it for free honestly if I didn’t have to pay for the Top Ramen I live on. Call me at 949 514 5204 or email me at jims455@aol.com. In the subject headers put JamesHamelCarViews.com. This is my companion below Roxy, a 5 year old rescue boxer.


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