2015 Honda Accord Coupe EX-L V6 Manual is roomy, fast and fun to the extreme


Written by James Hamel

From when we are very young, most of us are taught by our mothers that it’s what’s inside that counts when it comes to how you judge a person. Well, in this case mom appears to have been right even if you never jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge just because your friend was possibly going to do it. Still, mom deserves some kudos for much of her advice but is it possible to find beauty on the inside and outside? Well, live with a 2015 Honda Accord Coupe EX-L V6 with a manual transmission for a while and we are pretty sure you will believe in pure beauty.

The very same is quite true about the long term enjoyment and love you might enjoy from this new car, the type of car you keep garaged for 15 years and make your passengers take off their shoes each time they get in. Now, if the worst thing you can think of to say about the 2015 Accord Coupe V6 is that “it doesn’t look bold enough” then by all means feel free to test drive something flashier in the segment that will no doubt depreciate like a rock once the styling starts to look dated after 6 months on sale.

Furthermore, the Accord can actually accommodate four adults comfortable all the while boasting 13.7 cubic feet of cargo space. This is a sports coupe that doesn’t need to be your third car or the only car of a tuner boy racer—we are talking to you Miata/FR-S/370Z/Mustang EcoBoost and Genesis Coupe. And while the dashboard of the Accord Coupe is lifted pretty much wholesale from the sedan, there was nothing wrong with it in the first place. And having the manual transmission available with the V6 engine helps keep the two door Accord very special indeed.


So, underneath the 2015 Accord coupe’s understated yet undeniably timeless and handsome exterior sheet metal lies an interior with best in class interior quality materials, unparalleled user friendliness even with its incredibly hi-tech Honda Link system with A-ha, Pandora and more as well as a level of stylistic panache you won’t find in other coupes with no four door kin.

And don’t you spend most of your time inside your car? So really we can’t reiterate how important it is to be comfortable in your driver’s seat. If you aren’t inside your car most of the time, you’re doing something wrong. Because you really shouldn’t be driving from the roof as the Highway Patrol frowns on that kind of thing.


Driving Experience, Pricing and Features

The 2015 Honda Accord V6 starts at $30,350 and the only available option is in-dash navigation which adds about $2,000. So that includes leather seats, dual zone climate control, premium audio, Bluetooth, 18-inch alloys, heated front seats, power seat, push button start and keyless entry as well as a 3.5 liter 278 horsepower/253 lb. feet of torque V6 engine that makes a positively addicting ad intoxicating growl when pushed. Just be careful, again, around the Highway Patrol. And having the manual transmission available with the V6 engine helps keep the two door Accord very special indeed.

The 2015 Honda Accord is also available in V6 form with an ultra-smooth and buttery 6-speed automatic as well as with a 2.4 187 horsepower/184 lb. feet of torque 4-cylinder that in decently equipped LX-S trim starts at just a little over $23,000. The 4-cylinder uses a unique belt driven CVT automatic that is the quietest, smoothest and least annoying of its kind in the business.


Appeared originally on the National Honda and Acura Examiner Page you can visit by clicking here.

Convoy Auto Repair Lists Most Pet Friendly 2013 New Vehicles

There was a time when the family car was the preserve of only the family dog. Only he or she would be invited out to sanguine family picnics, trips to the park and the most exciting place of all—the Pet Store Parking Lot! But now even the family cat can ride along thanks to modern pet carriers and restraints. Regardless of that, these following 2013 models finished out the year as our most pet friendly as listed on the the  Convoy Auto Repair website!
  1. Most Pet Friendly Sporty Car—2013 Hyundai Veloster/Veloster Turbo: The

    reason the Veloster sport coupe is so pet friendly comes down to one simple and unique engineering feature—its highly useful third, human sized door. No dog likes to hop into the back of any sport coupe and you try restraining a cat in the back of your Porsche 911 without throwing out your back. Well, it’s impossible. We also love the fact that the Veloster boasts a very large 16 cubic foot cargo hold that is deep enough for plenty of pet supplies.

  2. Most Pet Friendly Luxury Sedan over $40,000—2013 Lexus GS350: After a week spent chauffeuring two 75 pound boxer dogs in the backseat of this Lexus GS the place looked just as it did when brand new. No wonder so many do owners looking for luxury cars turn to one place and one place only—Lexus. Looked a lot better than the light mocha colored interior of the 2013 Audi A6 these two road testing dogs tested the week after.
  3. Most Pet Friendly Entry Level Luxury Car—2013 Volvo S60: Not only is the

    interior of this lovely Scandinavian sport sedan very stylish but it adheres to the needs of pets as well with features like rear seat air conditioning vents and some of the most comfortable seats found in any automobile. There’s also Volvo’s commitment to safety with systems like City Safe which will stop the car if a pedestrian (or a large enough animal) gets in the way of the vehicle as you are driving.

  4. Most Pet Friendly Compact Family SUV—2013 Honda CR-V: Solid build

    quality, proven reliability and efficiency as well as the lowest ride height of any compact SUV(for those old and more arthritic pets who can’t jump up into tall SUVs) the 2013 Honda CR-V is the no brainer choice when it comes to affordable pet transportation. Oh yeah, and your less-furry family too.

  5. Most Pet Friendly Luxury SUV—2013 Lexus RX350: Again, sit inside a Lexus RX SUV and compare it with the albeit luxurious interiors of a Cadillac SRX, Audi Q5 or Infiniti FX35 and it is easy to see that this vehicle not only is built to withstand any wayward pet claws but will also clean up like new after one trip to the car wash. Luxury is nice but you want that luxury to be durable if you plan on bringing your pet along with you everywhere. 
  6. Most Pet Friendly Car Starting Under $15,000—2013 Chevy Spark: Sure, you can buy a base Honda Fit for just barely under $15,000 but after taxes and

    any options the price goes up considerably. That’s why we recommend the exemplary foor door 2013 Chevy Spark which is not only peppy with the manual transmission but also plenty roomy in the back even for a large breed dog. Or a really, really fat cat. Prices for the Spark start at just $12,185.

  7. Most Pet Friendly Family Sedan—2013 Honda  AccordThe first family sedan to nab the coveted new IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) Top Safety Rating Plus award, the 2013 Honda  Accord also impresses for its best in class interior quality and design, ample trunk space and the usual Honda resale value. It’s also fun to drive but your pet will no doubt favor the fact that Honda designed the greenhouse and rear seats with dogs in mind so that they could get a good view out of the road. No one wants a car sick Doberman in the back seat.
  8. Most Pet Friendly Full Size Sedan—2013 Dodge Charger: These full size

    sedans have amazing handling capabilities and are always top rated in the impact safety ratings. But this award goes to a special Dodge Charger SXT who helped this author and his 80 pound dog miraculously steer around a piano sitting in the middle of a very, very busy road.

  9. Most Pet Friendly Pick-Up Truck—2013 Toyota Tundra: In a recent test of Double Cab Pick-Up trucks (not the full size models with four doors), we found that pets found entry and exit into the back of the Tundra to be easiest thanks to a modicum of legroom in the low footwell and also that having the seat near their owner gave even a newly adopted rescue dog a feeling of serene comfort in the back perch. Also, the back half doors have windows that roll down as well for that wind in your fur feeling. Not to mention the trailing capacity for your hooved pets and all their equipment.
  10. Most Pet Friendly “Green” Vehicle—2013 Toyota Prius V/2013 VW Golf

     TDI: One is a diesel (the VW) and the other is a hybrid (the Prius V) but both share one thing in common—they are both essentially modern day wagons with all of the space and utility that provides you. EPA estimates for the Golf  TDI are 42 city/30 highway and the Prius V promises returns of 44 city/40 highway. Both boast plenty of cargo room, tie down hooks for pet restraints and tons of SUV rivaling cargo room. But the Golf TDI with a manual transmission manages one other feat–it’s fun to drive!