What your Car Says about Your Personality and Inherent Flaws

Okay, this article was written as a tongue in cheek commentary about how silly it is to get validation about who we are through our choice in car. But given the widespread buzz and readership among mainstream auto media, we wonder if it fact some people thought these automotive attributes were passed to owners or vice versa. Click to Convoy’s page for more!

Admit it: you judge other drivers.
Everyone judges other drivers based on their car and their driving habits (but come on – a Prius driver and a Porsche driver are going to take the roads differently), just like we’re all excellent drivers. We all know that minivans are driven by soccer moms, luxury car drivers are rude, and lifted truck drivers have something to prove, right? As much as these conclusions are widespread, they’re usually unfounded and ridiculous.  But when a car provides the opportunity for the driver to craft the ultimate expression of who he is and what his life is about (as our cars tend to be for many of us), it does open up the door to judgment.

Mazda Miata—You proudly drive the most misunderstood car in the world, and are

Photo: Jon Jon Gala

perhaps among the most misunderstood drivers out there. The Miata is one of the most engaging, fun to drive and rewarding – yet affordable – sports cars ever built and you know that. Whatever some dullard in a V8 SUV thinks you do at home in your bedroom is first off none of his business, but also nothing affirms you are secure in your masculinity and who you are than being cool with driving a Miata. You can’t have more fun for this little money anywhere. Miata owners are smart, brave and tan, generally.

Oops. That’s an AMC Gremlin

Hyundai Sonata—You are most definitely savvy about ensuring your car ownership experience is completely painless thanks to the Sonata’s ten year warranty. But you also have a heart of gold. Who else would adopt a car that looks like a monster that crawled out of the sea of Japan and started attacking the people in a local fishing village? Good thing the Sonata never did that… it just looks like it did once.


Smart ForTwo—You are a person who is truly fearless and never worry about your personal safety… or the fact that perhaps people are laughing at you. Why should you care? You are so fearlessly individual you actually like that less than 900 have been sold so far in 2013. Plus, only about 1% of the population is considered geniuses – maybe you’re one of them.

BMW X6—Not many people buy the BMW X6 but we have a clear bead on what attracts buyers to this oddly shaped SUV. We also know who buys them exclusively: super fans of Star Wars who dress up like Storm Troopers or Darth Vader at Comic Con each year. You buy the X6 because its appearance in white and black is so clearly an homage to the helmets worn by those evil characters in the films. Think about it. Ever see an X6 that wasn’t black or white? Didn’t think so.

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BMW 3-Series—Unquestionably, BMW has been building the ultimate driving machine for years. However, everyone knows how expensive even the base model 3-Series has gotten, and there is a subset of the population that judges your Bavarian purchase for reasons beyond just the numbers on the trunk (which only delineate body style and model choice). To be more clear, BMW charges a lot for every option but makes it hard to tell from the outside if, in fact, the standard center dash mounted screen has navigation, or if the seats are vinyl or leather, or if your 335i is really just a lowly 320i with a (rather underpowered) 4-cylinder motor. Commoners might not know, but other BMW drivers will. And all will judge.


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