2013 Honda Accord EX-L V6 vs. Everyone

Soichiro Honda, the man who founded Honda Motor Company, was not only a very uniquely talented inventor in his own right but he was also a bit of a madcap visionary who saw creating affordable and accessible transportation for the masses as his mission in life. One of the few inventions he failed to master before he passed away was perfecting the personal jetpack—finishing that task is now left to Honda’s team of talented engineers around the world who still heed Mr. Honda’s one request that they always “dream.”

Considering that the Japanese Kanji letter meaning “Dream” is carved into a large, clear sculpture at

the entrance to Honda’s enormous historical museum near their Twin Ring Motegi Race Track facility near Tokyo, you got to figure the guy meant it. So when the very first generation Honda Accord went on sale on these shores, keep in mind that it was just less than a year before the era when Fleetwood Mac would rule the charts with its record simply titled “Rumours.” And we all know that Honda has been the victim of many negative “rumors” in the automotive media regarding an allegedly subpar 2012 Civic and the widespread assumption that the 2013 Accord would be similarly disappointing.

Funny thing is, it looks to us (and the buying public as a whole who are snapping up this new Accord at a higher rate than Camry so far in the first few months this year) like the 2013 Honda Accord sedan not only came out swinging for the ever expanding competition from Toyota, Nissan’s Altima, the Ford Fusion, Chevy Malibu, VW Passat, Kia Optima, Hyundai Sonata, Mazda6 among others but intended to destroy all comers. So did Honda succeed this time around with the 2013 Honda Accord or in fact are all of the “rumors” true?Now, the Accord was not the instant sales powerhouse in this country like that Fleetwood Mac album we spoke of earlier, but even in its infancy this family car always was always willing to “go its own way” to paraphrase the title of one of that albums biggest hits. Over the years the Accord stood as not always the most stylish looking family sedan choice but it was always the most involving to drive and felt the most like a true technological advancement as a piece of engineering.
To read the rest click here to go to the National Honda and Acura Examiner.com page of James Hamel

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