Full Drive Report for 2012 Passat Models (Part 2)

VW has played a very savvy game of product planning with the 2012 VW Passat as not only have they reduced the number of  factory build variations down to 16 from well over 100, but they did it all the while still offering three completely different engine choices. This really allows VW to have a lower production overhead and increases the likelihood of a buyer finding the exact Passat they want at a dealership.

As usual, VW was keen to remind us that it is the only non-luxury brand to offer 3 years/36,000 miles of free maintenance but don’t start getting delusions of BMW as it doesn’t cover brakes or other wear items. But most importantly, the heart of the 2012 VW Passat’s pricing from $19,995 all the way to a maximum of $32,950 is pretty much in line with the prices charged by the competition.

Even the highly anticipated 43 mile per gallon highway TDI diesel model that can also travel 795 miles on a tank, still starts off very well equipped at just $25,995. Even the most basic Passat 2.5 S models come standard with dual zone climate control, Bluetooth, steering wheel mounted audio controls, alloy wheels, power windows, door locks and mirrors and a 170 horsepower/177 lb. feet of torque 5-cylinder capable of returning 22 city/31 highway with the six-speed automatic.

Click here to continue reading on Examiner.com at my VW Examiner Page in the National Edition.

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