>Press Launch Driving Impressions: 2012 Honda Civic Si


Press Launch Driving Impressions: 2012 Honda Civic Si

Depending on what kind of driver you are, there are different 2012 Civic models that you are going to view as the flagship model that looms large over all the rest. If you are a Greenie you will love the new lithium-ion battery powered Hybrid or the upcoming Natural Gas model. Hypermilers will love the fuel economy gains made by the 41 mile per gallon HF and still others will prefer the simple luxuries on offer in the top of the line EX-L model with leather and navigation.

Well, as a 2010 Honda Civic Si HFP was one of the first vehicles we ever road tested on InsiderCarReviews.com, we decided during the press launch for the new 2012 Honda Civic that the Si embodies everything that is truly remarkable about this line of family coupes, sedans, hybrids and all manner of automotive beast. And if you have driven one you know that the Si is simply the most fun to drive. Or at least it used to be.

More first drive madness at the original home page where I wrote these Honda Civic articles! Find out if the Civic Si is a bomb or continues to be a hidden gem in the affordable driver’s car class. Hmm…
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