>Driving Miss Daisy’s Canine Car Review of 2011 Acura MDX on BarkBuckleUp.com!


Recently pet automotive safety launched it a very special review section devoted to the concerns of pet owners when it comes to buying a new vehicle. As follows is an excerpt from my dog Daisy Mae who writes some of these reviews, occasionally with the help of her brother Peyton Manning. Bot of these boxers were rescued at Boxer Rescue Los Angeles which is an excellent resource if you are interested in the breed. And unlike the MDX I talk about here, Boxers always neeed a lot of understanding due to their (highly endearing) drawbacks and failings.

2011 Acura MDX (for full canine review)
Excerpt: “

I am usually not very good at sharing. I don’t like it when other dogs try to take my owner’s attention away from me where it belongs. I guess you could say that I suffer from Miss Piggy Syndrome when it comes to getting all of the attention. I want it all focused on me all of the time!
But what if you want a luxury SUV that can even haul 7 humans (I don’t know why you’d want to) in total comfort yet doesn’t constantly scream for attention? Well, you don’t have many options besides the elegant yet sensible 2011 Acura MDX.  
As a canine car reviewer I found it to be comfortable, easy to jump up into the back seat and that my owner didn’t have to stoop over to attach my safety restraint harness. If I was Goldilocks’ I would have to say that in the premium SUV segment the 2011 Acura MDX is “just right.” So which SUV’s are just wrong?
Perhaps this is just a Southern California phenomenon but I find the larger and more obnoxious the SUV, the higher the likelihood that a small, yipping Chihuahua will be found hanging out the driver’s window. That is unsafe as even the most annoying dog should be securely buckled into a restraint or crate in the back. 
Some SUV owners need to be reminded that the whole chrome dub phenomenon is so last decade and that chrome detailing should be used with restraint. Case in point—The Cadillac Escalade and its ridiculous vehicular bling. The Cadillac Escalade is so desperate for attention that even I want to bark, “tone it down buddy!”

For my human take on the car.


Check out: BarkBuckleup.com.

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